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Dune Buggy

Enjoy the feel of open road and sun on your back in your very own Dune buggy. If you like to go at your own pace and schedule to check out local sites this is best way to do it!

There are many nearby attractions, shops, up wind or down wind kite spots to check out. Be careful, if you get stuck guess who is pushing. The Dune Buggy can hold up to 5 people including the driver. You can put all your boards and gear on the roof and setoff to find your own private kite spot. Dune buggy rates:
1 day - 250R
2 days - 425R
3 days - 600R
5-7 days - 1000R

You will be required to pay the full rental amount in advance, as well as leave two Passports as security deposit. Please see renters agreement at the Pousada for more details.

Guest kite film of the month Congrats Luc and Phil, you won free 5 days stay!
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For more information
Phone (55) 85 9624 7590
[email protected]
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