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Windy Addiction?

Wind…for more than 7 months…
Temperatures averaging 28C year round…
A huge lagoon with flat shallow water or waves…
Coconut palms, Mango and Banana orchards in your back yard…
This is your dream come true, this is a Windy Addiction , this is kiteboarding in BRAZIL!

Our International House of Kite wants to help you to live your dream, endless days of wind and great kiting, perfect weather and awesome friends to remember for ever.

If you are thinking of coming to Brazil, we can help.

  • Kite Adventure Trips and down winders
  • Kite lessons
  • Accommodations
  • Airport transfers
  • And so much more…
Remember our we also offer the best kiteboarding adventure packages in Brazil, but space is limited. You need to contact us today.

Guest kite film of the month Congrats Luc and Phil, you won free 5 days stay!
Send us your Windy Addiction video featuring Ilha do Guajiru for chance to win
For more information
Phone (55) 85 9624 7590
[email protected]
Windy Addiction LTD Brazil 2011