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Ilha do Guajiru

Our Ilha is very unique because of a many reasons. Most notable are:

  1. an outside sandbar (over 5km long and almost 1 km wide that protects the riding area lagoon
  2. A river system that flows through the lagoon keeps it open to the ocean, at the downwind end, at all times
  3. the changing tide is never the same as it advances 30-45 min ahead each day, creating sandbars and other lagoons as water levels change
  4. a shallow, sandy, mostly flat bottom across the entire bottom of the lagoon.
  5. relatively few local inhabitants since we are 5 min to the nearest town. Thus leaving this area with more natural beauty and a rustic small town feel.

As well as these, the Ilha do Guajiru is surrounded by many different tropical plants. These include thousands of coconut palms, cacti, Mango, Cashew (Caju), Banana and other local fruits including the Guajiru plant after which are Ilha is named.

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