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7 Day Kite Adventure trip

Day trips = 50R or $35 or 22 Euro
The heading only reads "7 day trips" it SHOULD read "7 - 10 day Kite Adventure trips"
7 day trips = $1000US/ person
10 day Trips = $1500US/ person

Kite along Brazils windiest coastline and see the country with a different perspective. Meet new interesting people, eat foods that you’ve never eaten before, dance and party the night away, and most importantly…kite to your hearts content.

Each trip is customized specifically for your group. Your group will be asked to complete a “Must see and Do” questionnaire. Here is your opportunity to tell us what is important for YOUR group to see and do and allows to create YOUR custom Kiting Itinerary. In the questionaire you will tell us what kiting conditions you like best, flat or wave riding, which cities you would like to see and what activities you’d like to participate in. It is very important you go over this carefully with your group members.

Here is an example Itinerary.

Day 1- Arrival and pickup from airport, Meet and greet/ review of YOUR Kiting Itinerary, head to your first location. Drop your bags and head for the beach.
Group Welcome Dinner.

Day 2- Wakeup to a fresh breakfast of fruit, breads, meat and cheese. Start your first down winder. Kite along km’s of beach with rolling waves to ride until we arrive at a flat water lagoon. Here we will enjoy the rest of the day. Kiting flat water and eating local cuisine under Barracas by the sea.

Day 3- Stretch, you‘ve now been kiting for almost 8 hours!!! We eat and then get ready for your next spot. There are many beach as we head North, following your group Kiter Itinerary, you can kite down wind to the next spot or ride in the truck saving your energy. Either way, we will be ended up in Paracuru. This spot features a large town with lots to do as well as riding flat water or waves.

Day 4 - Paracuru After last nights partying we are going to take it easy. Wakeup late, and spend the day on the beach lounging and kiting. Enjoy the Brazilian atmosphere and kite your ass off!

Day 5 - We head on to our next location. Ilha do Guajiru. Here you have the biggest flat water lagoon in all over Brazil. The area is surrounded by coconut plantations and you will really feel the culture of Brazil here. Once unloaded, we will eat an early lunch and then plan to do either a 10km downwinder that included secret flat water spots, or do 20km that takes in flat water and waves.

Day 6 After breakfast we head over to Prea. Here you will find some of the largest beaches and biggest surf to ride. We will arrive around 10am and kite down wind into Jericoacoara, the city in the sand dunes. You will spent the day exploring the dunes and enjoying the fun atmosphere of the town.

Day 7 We spend the day kiting down from Jeri or kiting in the nearby freshwater lagoons. It is a great last day of fun in the sun and kiting near the dunes before we have our final Farewell dinner. The trip is over…but the memories will last a life time.

Min. group of 4, discount over 8

Guest kite film of the month Congrats Luc and Phil, you won free 5 days stay!
Send us your Windy Addiction video featuring Ilha do Guajiru for chance to win
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Phone (55) 85 9624 7590
[email protected]
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