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Kiteboarding Lessons

Taking lessons with us is a smart decision. Kiteboarding is a fantastic sport but it its tricky in the beginning to understand how everything works…no problem, we’ll explain it and show you everything you need to know. We start with the basics and teach step by step monitoring our students progression and provide feedback to help you learn at your pace in a safe environment.

Our spot is perfect to learn. Why? 2 main reasons,

  1. Ilha do Guajiru has consistent winds the blow in the same direction all the time, side-on shore. This means you are always being blown back towards the beach, never away.(always check your conditions before you start to pump your kite)
  2. We also have the largest protected lagoon with the outside sandbar blocking the ocean swell and waves. This leaves us a flat and shallow riding and teaching area. In most spots, if you need to, you can just stand up! That’s perfect for beginners since they can always walk back to where they started. We also only have trained instructors and all the equipment you need.

Book your lessons in advance to secure you spot

We offer lessons for a range of skill levels. Choose from a Beginner Package with 10 hrs instruction or 1-1 Progression Package, 2 hrs, that looks at specific skills or tricks.

  1. Beginner Package - includes all safety equipment and kite gear, wind theory, land training, water theory, water training with accompanied body dragging, solo body dragging, board skills.
    10 hours of instruction, 1-1 with instructor - $600
    10 hours with Groups, 2-1 with instructor - $1000
  2. Progression Package - includes safety equipment, review of wind and kiting theory, land demo, water training with skill specific instruction, jumping, self-landing launching, transitions, backroll etc. No kite gear supplied.
    2 hours, 1-1 with instructor $100

Windy Addiction recommend using instructors that teach using the guidelines as set forth by the IKO, International Kiteboarding Organization or other equal Kiting Organization. Our lessons follow the guidelines that promote safe learning and safe kiting techniques which have been proven and perfected for us by IKO.

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