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Windy Friends

We know how important it is for kiters to stay in contact with their friends. How else would they learn about traveling to new places??? Please feel free to click the links and visit the sites of our Windy Friends and partners.

Vela Uno Puerto Rico - San Juan. Contact: Jamie

The authentic Website of Ilha do Guajiru

Andy Oke
Endless Surf Grand Bend, Ontario

Thomas and Chris Petz
Action Seekers Austria

Devon Carrol
Urban Surf Seattle Washington

Rene Horvath Austria

Jeremy walsh

[email protected]
Spin Sport, Croatia

Surf klub Tri Strijele
Spin Sport, Croatia

Kiting in Kenya

Shuttle service to Ilha do Guajiru

RocĂ­o and Gary
Pousada Kite

Guest kite film of the month Congrats Luc and Phil, you won free 5 days stay!
Send us your Windy Addiction video featuring Ilha do Guajiru for chance to win
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